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We Meet at Goff-Moll Post 101, 2721 Collier Ave., St. Louis, MO 63144


Please print clearly                                                       Application Date ______________


Contact name: _______________________________ Business Phone: ________________________

Cell Phone: __________________________   E-mail Address: ___________________________

Organization/Business: ___________________________________________________________

Organization Type: (Check One)
          ☐  Government Organizations                      ☐ Jobs/Career Resource & Training

          ☐   501(c) 3 Organizations                             ☐  Education (Including Non-profit)

          ☐    Others    

Primary Service Provided: __________________________________________________________

Can we put your organization/business’ website link on the program booklet?  ☐ YES    ☐  NO

If yes, what’s the website address: ___________________________________________________

Is your organization/business able to post our event on your web site?  ☐ YES     ☐ NO

Is your organization able to host booth on both days of the event?        ☐ YES       ☐ NO

If no, which day do you prefer: ☐ Friday (Stand Down)   ☐ Saturday (Welcome Home & Ceremony)


Please indicate what your organization will need for their booth

Booth Type:     ☐  General Booth                  ☐ Stand Down Booth                  ☐ Women Summit

Number of staff member attending: ____________________           Electricity:      ☐Yes      ☐ No                

Display/Other items you will bring:____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Each Vendor will be provided with ONE TABLE and TWO CHAIRS.


Please return registration to:

Voluntary Service, 1 Jefferson Barracks Drive, St. Louis, MO 63125

FAX:  314-894-5705 E-Mail:

For sponsorship information,

Please contact James Flagg at 773-606-6621 or

The Warrior Summit / Welcome Home Program places highest priority on organizations providing direct services to Veterans. We regret we are not able to accept all applications. This is a free event for Veterans of all eras. Sale of items is prohibited at this event.

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