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June 2002 – we started the Military Funeral Honor Guard (Honor Guard), in support of the Missouri National Guard (MONG) Military Funeral Honors Program (MFHP), which quickly became my primary focus.  Provided training to members on rifle manual of arms, firing technique, weapon safety, weapon cleaning, conduct of MFH.  From 2002 to 2010 also trained Honor Guard personnel in conduct of color guard procedures as we conducted all color guard activities until the separate Color Guard was form in late 2010.

31 Post 404 members are or have been members of the Military Funeral Honor Guard, participating in MFH, American Legion funeral ceremonies, Armed Forces Day ceremonies, Memorial Day ceremonies, Flag Day ceremonies, Veterans Day ceremonies, Traveling Vietnam Wall ceremonies, Flag folding demonstrations, Flag etiquette and education, and as color guard for parades and ceremonies.  Specifics activities include:

  • 1 November 2002: Participated in our first Military Funeral Honors (MFH) at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.  Team consisted of: Firing Detail – Renee Bustamante, Cindy Martyn, Vicki L. Limbaugh, commanding; NCOIC – Ophie Owens.
  • 1 November 2002 – present: Post 404 has participated in MFH for 886 veterans.  Since February 2003, we have committed to monthly support of the MONG MFHP, St. Louis Area.  In addition to our monthly commitment, the MONG and veterans next of kin have specifically requested Post 404 to participate in MFH for numerous female veterans and others. I have participated in 558 of our 886 MFH. 
  • August 2003 – provided color guard at American Legion National Convention parade held in St. Louis in 2003.
  • Other uniformed activities at which the Military Funeral Honor Guard has participated:
  • Armed Forces Day Ceremonies at the O’ Fallon, MO Veterans Memorial Walk in O’Fallon, MO for several years, latest 2016.  Participation includes:
    • Providing traditional military funeral honor three volley rifle salute and bugler to sound “Taps”
    • Participating in the “Dressing of the Chair” ceremony honoring female veterans and “Table of Angels” ceremony honoring the eight women on the Vietnam Wall.
  • Coordinated sequence of events with AmerenUE executive and conducted Flag Day ceremony at the Jefferson Barracks Heritage Foundation 14 June 08.  Ceremony included rifle volley, raising of Flag, and playing of Reveille.
  • Provided traditional military funeral honor three-volley rifle salute, casket guard, and bugler for 11th/12th District Flag Day Ceremony at Soldiers Memorial in St. Louis, MO for several years.  In one year, provided impromptu rifle education for Cub Scouts after Flag Day ceremony.
  • Conducted POW-MIA ceremony at Soldiers Memorial before the start of the Veterans Day Parade in downtown St. Louis, MO several years.
  • Provided the traditional military funeral honor three volley rifle salute and bugler to sound “Taps” for the 11th/12th District Veterans Day ceremony on Veterans Day several years.
  • Conducted Flag Folding ceremony for Veterans at Delmar Gardens – West Assisted Living Facility on Veterans Day 2010.  Ceremony conducted to reading of, “My Name is Old Glory” by Howard Schnauber.  Also, assisted Delmar Gardens staff with presentation of certificates of recognition to Veteran residents.
  • Supported Post 404 Children and Youth Flag education programs during Veterans Week that occurs in conjunction with Veterans Day.
  • Provided traditional military funeral honor three-volley rifle salute and bugler to sound “Taps” for the 11th/12th District Memorial Day ceremony at Soldiers Memorial in St. Louis, MO several years.  Some years included flag folding ceremony.
  • Conducted POW/MIA Ceremony and provided traditional military funeral honor three volley rifle salute for Traveling Vietnam Wall ceremony in 2013
  • Provided color guard for events/ceremonies/parades until separate color guard uniformed group formed in late 2010.  Specifics include:
  • Color guard for Traveling Vietnam Wall 2003 and Women on the Wall ceremony 2003
  • Color guard for Post 404 at St. Louis Veterans Day Parade: 2002-2009
  • Color guard for Memorial Day Procession at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery: 2003-2010
  • Lead color guard for Memorial Day procession at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (31 May 10).  Posted colors at beginning of ceremony and retired colors at ceremony conclusion
  • Conducted Memorial Day Flag ceremony (flag raising/lowering to half-staff, rifle volleys, and sounding of Taps) at Centocor in 2008 per request of Deb Colonius’ manager.
  • Color guard for Vet's Day at Busch Stadium (Cardinals game) through 2009.
  • Color guard for the City of Saint Louis Homeless Veterans Thanksgiving Dinner for seven (7) consecutive years (2003-2009), until the City combined several dinners to serve the veterans better.
  • Coordinated and participated in American Legion ceremonies at funeral homes or cemeteries for Legion members. Provide uniformed Honor Guard members as casket guards and guides to lead other Legion members during Legion ceremonies.
  • Conducted flag folding and presentation education sessions during Post 404 meetings.
  • Conducted Flag Folding ceremony for Veterans at Missouri Veterans Home in Mexico, MO on 24 July 2010
  • Supported Post 404 Children and Youth coordinator with Military Funeral Honor Guard personnel to assist with flag folding demonstrations and educational seminars at local schools.
  • Conducted a Military Funeral Honors and Customs (described origin of elements of military funeral honors – three [3] rifle volleys, sounding of “Taps,” folding and presentation of flag) educational presentation including flag folding ceremony and flag presentation for Florissant, MO Knights of Columbus
  • Conducted Military Funeral Honors ceremony (three [3] rifle volleys, sounding of “Taps”, flag folding and presentation) for Tribute to Women Veterans.
  • Conducted POW-MIA ceremony at the Tribute to Women Veterans.
  • Provided the traditional military funeral honor three-volley rifle salute in support of ceremony at the Tribute to Women Veterans.
  • Provided three (3) riflemen to perform armed sentry duty at Soldiers Memorial the night of 27 January 2012 during the "reading of the names of the fallen" from Iraq & Afghanistan, before the "Welcome Home" Parade for the Iraq War veterans on 28 January 2012.
  • Conducted Flag Folding demonstrations and provided Flag etiquette and education at Soldiers Memorial to support the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri celebrate the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary celebration, “The Big Day, Believe in Girls” in downtown St. Louis, on 22 September 2012.
  • Participated in Flag folding demonstration at St. Charles Community College in support of Post 404 member.